Savings ££££

During the 5 Year Manufacturer’s warranty period of the new LED lamps, the previous 28 Watt 2 D lamps with an average lifespan of 8000 hours would be replaced 5 times. Thus in addition to the energy savings and CO2 reduction, some 450 Fluorescent lamps have been saved at cost in the region of £3000 at current prices.


                45 Bedroom Residential Home

We were instructed to proceed with an energy saving project replacing the existing fluorescent lighting to corridors and stairways, with sensor-controlled LED lights.

The project involved converting the existing flush architectural lights to take the new LED control gear.

On completion, the lighting is now fully automatic on a light by light basis. Each has its own lux, movement, timer and dimming controllers. This means that when there are no occupants in the area, the light will automatically dim to 10% after a user set time. Each of the controls are fully adjustable to meet any client needs, such as different settings for certain areas. The controls are easily adjusted to allow further future savings.


A Data logger was installed prior to the upgrade and post upgrade. Just a small portion of the data captured is displayed.                          

One unexpected bonus of the logging was to identify a regular high current surge which was then traced to the Kitchen load. A simple alteration to Kitchen operations has removed this surge.